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This page contains the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Ray.

Q How do I get my Apple 3G iPhone to work with Ray?
A. You must use an authorized Apple composite video cable to connect Ray to your Apple iPhone. Connect the yellow lead of the Apple connector to the yellow RCA connector using the RCA adapter (Ray User Manual page 6). Make sure you iPhone setting is wide screen off and TV out NTSC.
Q. How do I connect my Notebook to Ray?
A. Many Notebook and Netbook computers have a TV output in the form of S-Video output. Check your computer user manual for the location of the TV output. S-Video to composite video adapter is required to connect the computer S-Video to Ray – the adapter is not supplied by Ray and can be found in many audio video stores.
Q. Why does Ray not display video when connected to my MP3 video player?
A. Ray is in power down (non-display) mode until a standard TV signal is detected at the input. Check your video player user manual to determine the video signal output is NTSC compliant and the correct video cable is used to connect your video player to Ray (Ray user manual page 5).
Q. How much does Ray cost?

A. Ray costs $199 plus shipping on this site. State sales taxes will be added to Texas residence.

Q. What comes in the box?

A. Ray comes with the following:

  • Ray Displays pico projector
  • AC adapter with mini USB Plug Input: 100-240V~50-60Hz
  • Output:5V 2000mA
  • Tripod
  • Audio Video Cable: 2.5mm 4-pole to 3.5mm 4-pole
  • Audio Video Cable: 2.5mm 4-pole to 3.5mm 4-pole black cable with white band (maybe a white cable)
  • RCA Audio / Video Cable: 2.5mm 4-pole AV jack to RCA connectors
  • Audio Video Adapter: 2.5mm 4-pole to 2.5mm 4-pole
  • User manual


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