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It is best to get started with Ray attached to the AC adapter and the AC Adapter plugged into an Electric Outlet.  With AC Adapter connected, the BLUE LED on the side of Ray Pico Projector will flash.  IMPORTANT – Ray Switched off, the BLUE LED will flash at rate of 60 times per second, turn Ray on and it will FLAS twice the rate - 120 flashes per second.
Turn your Ray OFF – plug the A/V into the AV input – turn Ray on and you should see a video image projected on a surface – if not, check the LED status and if flashing rapidly, the VIDEO SIGNAL is not dedicated – incorrect connection, with Apple, may be unauthorized adapter.  Check you have a valid AV connection and try again. 

See FAQ for further discussion.
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image: Pico Projector for Laptop


Load the RayLite software on to your computer using the MiniDVD or down laod the software from www.raydisplays.com\Raylite\software.  Follow the on screen instructions and you are ready to use RayLite Pico Projector.
RayLite has a handy tripod for positioning the image where you want it.  Plug the USB cable into your computer and into RayLite for an image up to 60 inches.

See FAQ for further discussion.


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