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A great new product uses solid state LED technology for producing video from a liquid crystal on silicon microdisplay.  Latest in LED technology enables battery life up to two hours with lithium-ion battery and worry free operation with long life – over 20,000 hours of rugged operation.
Ray with instant on and off adds flexibility in how you use Ray.  Plug you A/V source into Ray, point and turn on to see your image up 60’ in diagonal.  When you are done, turn Ray off and drop it in to your briefcase, purse or carrying bag without worry of breaking a bulb, or destroying the bulb due to overheating (cool down period).
Liquid crystal on silicon microdisplay coupled with the LED bulb projects a vivid color image up to 60 inches depending upon the room light.
Ray factory support located in Dallas, Texas, is convenient fast and responsive.



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